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How to choose a health check-up machine? Is there a better brand?

June 20, 2023

Latest company news about How to choose a health check-up machine? Is there a better brand?

Health is a topic that the country and the people pay more attention to now. Everyone's pursuit of health is becoming more and more diverse. Some people exercise to enhance their physique, and some people often have physical examinations. As people pay more and more attention to health, health examinations is also becoming more and more popular. The all-in-one health check-up machine has become the choice of more and more users, so how to choose a suitable all-in-one health check-up machine? This article answers for everyone.


Fundamentally tested items to select


If you need to detect many items, it is recommended to choose a large all-in-one machine with complete physical examination functions; if you need to manage data, it is recommended to choose an all-in-one machine with a data storage platform; if you need to take it out for physical examination or door-to-door service, it is recommended Choose a foldable portable all-in-one;

In addition, when purchasing an all-in-one health examination machine, you must choose a product with brand protection. This can guarantee product quality and after-sales service. For example, the all-in-one machine produced by Shanghe Technology. Not only the quality of the product is guaranteed, but also the after-sales service is relatively good.

If you need to customize an all-in-one health examination machine that meets your needs, you can also choose to cooperate with Shanghe, because Shanghe will tailor products that meet your needs according to the needs of customers. In short, when purchasing an all-in-one health check-up machine, you must not only understand your needs first, make a good purchase budget, but also choose products with brand protection.


Shanghe health all-in-one machine recommendation


SH-T15 health examination all-in-one machine is an intelligent and integrated instrument for physical health measurement. It has a humanized design, exquisite appearance, simple operation, and is easy to use. One machine can complete the entire physical examination process. The entire physical examination project is a health cabin , an ideal physical examination instrument for smart elderly care.

Physical examination items: height, weight, BMI, fat mass and fat rate, basal metabolism, body water content, muscle rate and muscle mass, protein mass, high pressure, low pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, body temperature, blood sugar, uric acid, Measuring functions such as hemoglobin, four items of blood lipids, waist-to-hip ratio, visual acuity measurement, TCM constitution identification, etc. the


latest company news about How to choose a health check-up machine? Is there a better brand?  0


SH-T15 intelligent health examination all-in-one machine, with various measurement functions and convenient intelligent transition, is widely used in health huts, hospitals, communities, elderly care institutions, enterprises/institutions, financial insurance, driver pre-job physical examination and other fields. It can realize the screening of chronic diseases, which is the basis for identifying high-risk groups, providing timely health guidance and health intervention for residents with abnormal indicators, providing strong support and guarantee for community disease prevention and control, guiding the community to participate in themselves, and eradicating diseases in the community It is in its infancy and promotes the development of people's health management in the direction of diversification, comprehensiveness, systematization, individualization and informationization. It is convenient to establish health records, real-time data docking unit physical examination system, and chronic disease management and screening are convenient and fast. Improve the health of the people, improve the quality of life, and provide the people with maximized health services.

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