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SH-V15 coin operated height and weight scale

February 23, 2022

Latest company news about SH-V15 coin operated height and weight scale

SH-V15 Height And Weight Measuring Machine


Product Advantage

Ultrasonic non-contact measurement

19.0 inch LCD advertising screen

Multi-country coins are acceptable (optional)

Support multi-languages

Voice broadcast

Thermal printer

Intelligent face recognition (optional)

Transferable data:RS232、Bluetooth, Wifi、 USB、 APP、 Cloud Interface

latest company news about SH-V15 coin operated height and weight scale  0

Measurement Items:




latest company news about SH-V15 coin operated height and weight scale  1


1. Touchless ultrasonic height sensor 

Measurement range:20-210cm Measure accuracy:土0.1cm/土0.5cm 


2.Precision balance beam resistance strain type weighing sensor :

Measurement range:2-500kg Measure accuracy:+0.1KG/+0.01KG


3.Automatic BMI (Body mass index)calculation


4.Intelligent face recognition (optional)


5.19.0-inch LCD color large screen :

Adopt high-definition LCD 10.2-inch display system, intelligent guidance voice/animation prompts, play promotional videos, pictures, etc. 


6.Coin slot(optional):

Support multi-country coins,could also accept game coin


7.Ticket printer:

Printed content: time, date, weight, height,BMI, ideal weight, healthy weight range, etc.

Support printing in multi-country language, you can customize headers and footers, advertising slogans.


8.Voice announcement,Can also be muted:

Support multi-country language,Fully automatic voice broadcast to guide the measurement process. Broadcast measured value after the measurement is completed.


9.Easy to move:

The machine have wheels at the bottom,easy to transport and move


10.Optional units:

  • cm, kg;
  • m, kg;
  • pounds, feet and inches


11.Smart interconnection:

Support multiple communication methods (RS232 serial port, Bluetooth, WIFI, 4G/5G, cloud transmission, etc.) data can be uploaded to third-party systems such as computers, APPs, etc.

latest company news about SH-V15 coin operated height and weight scale  2



Coin function (optional)

Support multi-languages

19.0-inch LCD color screen

Voice broadcast

Thermal printer

Movable with wheel

Foldable (optional)

RS232 data transfer

Bluetooth (optional)

Wifi (optional)

Connected to a computer(optional)

Easy operation




Model SH-V15
Height measurement Measuring system:Touchless ultrasonic height sensor
Measurement range: 20-210cm

Measure accuracy: ±0.5cm

Indexing value: 0.5 cm or 0.1 cm (adjustable)

Weight measurement Measuring system:Precision resistance strain sensor
Measurement range: 2-500kg

Measurement accuracy: ±0.1kg

Indexing value :0.1 kg or 0.01 kg (adjustable)

BMI(Body mass index) Automatic display
LCD screen Hd LCD 19.0-inch display system, play promotional videos and pictures
Multiple languages English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Russian, Arabic,Thai, etc.(Can be customized)
Ticket printer Thermal paper prints time, date, weight, height, BMI, ideal weight, healthy weight range, etc
Coin function (optional) Support multi-country coins, including game coins.can set the number of coins
Data communication Rs232 serial port, Bluetooth (optional), WIFI( optional),3G/4G( optional), cloud transmission( optional), RJ45 port (optional)etc.
Working Voltage AC100V-240V (50Hz/60Hz)
Power consumption ≤15W(about 1kw per 60hrs)
Dimensions 580*575*2320mm
Package size

A product is divided into two boxes:

178*38*22cm(20Kg) 68*47*39cm(20Kg)

Weight Gross weight:40kg Net weight:45kg


Applicable Scene:





shopping mall




amusement park

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