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Ultrasonic Height and Weight Measuring Instrument Frequently Asked Questions

February 16, 2023

Latest company news about Ultrasonic Height and Weight Measuring Instrument Frequently Asked Questions

latest company news about Ultrasonic Height and Weight Measuring Instrument Frequently Asked Questions  0


As an intelligent product, ultrasonic height and weight measuring instrument, many customers will encounter many problems when using it. Today, I will analyze some common problems for you. What should customers do if they care about uneven floors?


Many friends in towns and mountainous areas have reported that the ground there is not equal, and there will be pits and hollows, so that the ultrasonic medical height and weight scale equipment cannot be placed on a flat floor, and the general height and weight scale will be due to improper placement of the equipment. Stable but there are errors, and our ultrasonic medical height and weight scales are designed with a built-in circular bubble level and adjustable feet to help you easily "level" the equipment. The equipment is placed flat and the measurement is more accurate.


About the difference in weight measurement before and after meals?

Recently, some friends said that I use an ultrasonic medical height and weight scale to measure every day before and after lunch, but why is my weight different every day? There is an important point here, because your weight will change slightly due to the difference in food intake before and after meals, resulting in "errors", which belong to normal dietary phenomena and are not considered errors in the true sense. What kind of equipment you use for measurement will have such problems. It is recommended that you fix a time for measurement to be more accurate.


About weight measurement after exercise is different?

Of course, many fitness friends know that an ultrasonic medical height and weight scale is often placed in the gym. This is to encourage everyone to measure body fat and check their health data in time. It is similar to the "error", that is, it is normal to lose weight due to perspiration after exercise. Don't mistakenly think that you have lost ten pounds just after exercising! That's normal. If you want to have a healthy body, you still need to exercise regularly. Eating less and more meals is the "powerful rule" to keep in shape.


About the difference in height and weight in the morning and evening?

The last and most important point is that our daily metabolism will indirectly affect people's weight, and our daily calorie intake will also affect our weight, but this does not have a great impact on height, mainly reflected in The weight is above, so the measurement data will be different in the morning and evening. My suggestion is that you can measure regularly every day and choose a fixed time: morning or evening, or even accurate to a certain hour, so that the measurement results are relatively accurate. .


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